Become a rancher and take care of monsters in your way!
And discover more than 10,000 different species of monster!

Start from your beginner monster and fulfilling the library books with all the species you discover!

Enjoy generating eggs from your Facebook friends and hatch them to see what's inside. You can choose to raise from cute bunny-like monsters to super cool-looking dragon-like monsters or even breed them up to see what monster you will get.

Train your monsters and earn money by doing part-time jobs such as construction, cooking, farming, washing dishes and start an adventure in Battle to see how far you can go.

And don't forget to visit your friends' home and see what they are up to!

Game Features
- Create new monsters from your friends' identity.
- Interact with your lovely monsters. You can feed and also play with them.
- Train your monsters and fight with others.
- Discover more than 10,000 different species of monster!